BMG Bank Growing Through Technology

Banco BMG is a major bank in Brazil, which is expanding its investment options to include both consumer clients and commercial clients. This was facilitated by new technologies that helped BMG become the lead bank in new market finance areas. The bank has done regular technology updates to keep their processes fresh since the 1980s. Marcio Alaor is the bank’s CEO who is also responsible for BMG’s new area of payroll loans, which he began in 1998, and which has paid very high returns. He has improved BMG’s transaction technologies to the point that other payroll loan providers are often compared against the BMG standard.

One of the bigger advancements Marcio Alaor has enacted is the partnership between BMG and Unibanco S.A. in 2014. This strategic agreement combines elements of both businesses to form a new joint firm: Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A. It will commercialize the payroll loan in further areas of the economy. All work will be balanced between the to parent companies, with Unibanco doing 40% of the processing and Banco BMG processing the other 60%. This enables better profits in payroll loans and allows BMG to return focus to their existing high ROI offerings, including BMG Empresas, loans for vehicles, and credit for business payroll departments.

Mr. Alaor’s efforts have been rewarded with Banco BMG becoming the top valued finance business in all of Brazil. He has successfully guided the bank into updating to the latest computer processing while also maintaining the banks existing practices. His expertise has grown BMG’s fame and made them a household name in many places on the globe, and certainly throughout Brazil.

Banco BMG was started in 1930 as Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. by Antônio Mourão Guimarães. The Guimarães family continues to own the bank to this day. They are the top Brazilian finance industry family. Their Banco BMG offers several great bank services to all sizes of organizations and for individuals.

Is Ricardo the Most Successful Guimaraes of all Generations?

Ricardo Guimaraes is the favorite son of a wealthy family in Minas Gerais. However, even with the favor and influence of the Guimaraes name, Ricardo has become his own man and left made a name for himself.
The family owns lots of properties in addition to the BMG bank. Ricardo’s grandfather founded BMG as the Land Credit Bank in 1930. Since then, the sons in the family have swapped power as heirs to the family fortune. Ricardo Guimaraes’ time came in 1998 when he took over from his father. Back then, the only known facts about Guimaraes were his family background love for sports.
When he took over, Ricardo had little experience in the corporate world. Nevertheless, he understood the basics. He settled on a simple administrative structure for Banco BMG, which now ventured into the consigned credit markets. This shrewd move aimed at satisfying the soaring demand for credit within the growing Brazilian middle-class society. To minimize losses, only low defaulters were able to access BMG’s credit services. The low rates of interest acted as the icing on the cake. BMG has gone on to become the leading credit bank in Brazil.
During the same time, Ricardo was making advances on the sports scene. He took over the presidency of a local football club Atletico-MG, a struggling club that needed finances. He worked a formula to save the club and at times he would act as the chief sponsor to keep operations running. His support moved fans, and the club started performing well in the championship. The club also implemented talent development programs that paid handsomely in future with young players like Bernard guiding the club to success in the Copa Libertadores.

Ricardo Guimaraes’ career has grown and in two decades he has become an authority in the Brazilian investment landscape. He also dedicates his time to nurturing young leaders and investors through his programs. Sports remain close to his heart, and he believes they help in the welfare of societies. BMG has taken up a leading role in developing talent and making disciplines like football, volleyball and tennis income generating avenues.
When one has so much to share with the world, an official website acts as a converging zone. Ricardo’s official website contains valuable insights into a variety of topics. He uses the platform to share his wisdom with his fans and peers. Ricardo is arguably the most prominent and successful heir to the family fortune. He keeps winning accolades and prizes for his dedication and skill. He brings great honor to his family name and country. See Ricardo’s honors at

Where Did Marcio Alaor Come From?

Marcio Alaor is the vice president of the BMG bank, one of the biggest banks in Brazil. He has worked from the bottom of the banking world and has truly made a name for himself among the executives of the BMG bank. He has done all of this through his capabilities and has continued exhibiting a drive that has not been seen in many people at the bank.

With meager beginnings, Marcio Alaor could only dream of a career that he has at the BMG bank. He started out as only a shoe shiner for people who were executives at banks and businesses in the town that he was from in Brazil. He made sure that he always did a great job and that the people he shined shoes for were always happy with the work that he did. He had a strong work ethic and a drive to be better than what he was. This is what gave him the chance to become an employee of the bank.He shined one man’s shoes. This man ended up being an executive at the BMG bank. He was very impressed with the way that the Marcio was able to shine shoes and that he was very meticulous about the work that he did. He saw that Marcio paid a lot of attention to details and that he worked very hard, he knew that he was destined to become something much bigger and better than a simple shoe shiner who was working for meager earnings.

Because he liked the drive that he saw in Marcio Alaor, the executive of the bank offered Marcio Alaor a position at the bank. He did not offer him a heavy workload position, but he wanted the young man to know more about banking. He did not want him to have a lot of stress and always made sure that Marcio was getting the support that he needed from the bank. The man who offered him the position eventually became Marcio’s mentor in the banking world as he made his way to the top of the BMG bank.

Marcio Alaor worked very hard through the different positions that the BMG bank and eventually became the vice president of the bank. As the vice president, he is sometimes responsible for choosing people to work at the bank. No matter the education or experience background that potential employees have, Marcio Alaor always makes sure that he hires people who have a drive similar to his. Without the drive and dedication, he knows that the employees and potential employees will not be able to do anything in the way of banking and that they will harm it more than help BMG.

Did George Soros 2008 Prediction Show How Capitalism Could Fail?

Going bankrupt is usually a gradual process. Likewise, the problems that Capitalism faced in 2008 did not arise overnight. Did George Soros 2008 prediction provide a map of three dangers, which could cause Capitalism to collapse?

“First Shoe to Drop: Housing”

George Soros discussed the timeline for the 2008 Sub-Prime Crisis in his book – The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: “[t]he outbreak of the current financial crisis can be officially fixed as August 2007. That was when the central banks had to intervene to provide liquidity to the banking system.” “On August 6 [2007], American Home Mortgage, one of the largest U.S. independent home loan providers filed for bankruptcy ….” The first two problems for Capitalism are 1. Housing and 2. Banking.

Sub-prime homeowners could not repay their debt. But why should housing endanger the solvency of the Capitalistic banking system?

“Second Shoe to Drop: Banking”

Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns would repackage the housing loans from Countrywide into mortgage-backed securities (MBS). These two financial juggernauts went bankrupt because their MBS assets were not valuable enough to balance their liabilities. Their balance sheet was full of “hot air.”

In 2008, the entire banking system held these same non-performing MBS on their balance sheets. This lead to small mortgage banks failing. Larger banks might have credit default swaps (CDS), which were also worthless in the new environment. In a sort of “margin call,” the banking system was concerned that it did not have enough cash on hand to handle the everyday requirements for capital. Credit markets froze up.

The United States government via the Federal Reserve and Treasury saved the credit markets by guaranteeing the non-performing loans. Quantitative Easing programs would purchase bad debt. The capital started flowing again.

“Final Shoe to Drop: Petrodollar”

In his aforementioned book, George Soros discussed the third leg that could destroy Capitalism: “the willingness of the rest of the world to hold dollars is impaired.” By guaranteeing bad loans, the United States weakened a third asset: 3. the Petrodollar. If investors believed the US was close to default, they would abandon the petrodollar as a reserve currency.

During a Sri Lanka economic forum, George Soros suggested that global markets in 2016 resembled global markets in 2008. To make matters worse, oil prices in 2016 were falling rapidly according to the New York Times – “[t]he oil industry, with its history of booms and busts, is in its deepest downturn since the 1990s, if not earlier.”

George Soros 2008 prediction suggested that a “New Paradigm for Financial Markets” was needed. As he warned in 2008, weaknesses in the housing, banking and petrodollar could have serious repercussions for Capitalism going forward.

Charles Koch: Justice to All

The mixed marriage that brought together the families of the billionaires Koch brothers and ACLU has brought about a heated debate on the reforms that will help the current justice system in USA. The Koch brothers Charles and David, who are the owners of Koch Industries Inc., are on the front row to see the to it that the reforms can be executed to help the poor citizens. Charles, the 80-year-old brother, is the chief executive officer and the chairman of the Koch Industries. Both brothers have an equal shares percentage of 42% of the business that their father Fred C. Koch left in their care. Charles is driven by the idea that the current system should adopt some of the reforms mentioned below. Mark V. Holden the senior vice president is his spokesperson on the matter.

According to Charles, the greatest problem in the current judicial system is that it is a two-tier system. The system should not have a distinction between the wealthy and the poor as it would make it immoral and constitutionally dubious. A lot of money is spent on the criminal judicial system as compared to what is spent on primary and secondary education. The system also creates a poverty trap that is according to a Harvard Professor Bruce Western in that each day it creates a barrier to opportunity for the less fortunate in the society. Currently, Charles points out that prosecutors have been given a higher mandate than the judges, and that should change. The judges are supposed to make judgments based on facts of the crime and the person being prosecuted to come up with a suitable punishment. Finally, he further points out that there should be a change on how the ex-offenders reenter the society. The barrier that they are not allowed to get meaningful help regarding jobs, housing, loans, vote and others should be dismissed to give them a better chance to change their lives.
To help the current system from discriminating anyone, all of us should be guided by the Bill of Rights. There is the need to treat everyone with equality regardless of their status quo. According to current statistics, the poorest and least educated Americans make up for the largest population of inmates in prison today. There are even some that plead guilty to crimes that they have not committed. To help curb that inequality, there should be proper education programs for inmates where there are real employment opportunities in prisons so that they come out better people to build our great nation.

Keith Mann, CEO Lets NYPD Know, He’s on Their Side

Sometimes it’s a person’s duty to speak up and show the world where they stand. Keith Mann understands this all too well. He publicly expressed his feelings about the violence and chaos surrounding the New York city police. On two separate occasions Mr. Mann and his wife sent lunch to the precinct hoping that this will heighten their motivation. “Our officers deserve to be thanked for their service, not attacked in their attempts to keep people safe”, stated Mr. Mann. “Policeman have families too and are people just like you and me behind those uniforms”.

Keith Mann takes the animosity against the police force personally. He has an uncle that is a detective, who fights crime in an investigative manner every day. So the issues fall close to home. Mr. Mann does what he can to help his family member and officers and let them know that is their side. Mr. Mann realizes that police officers act according to how they are trained and that they go through situations that civilians do not.

Keith Mann was a Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search. His job required him to recruit applicants for global financial services firms. Recognizing the hedge fund industry as a future gold mine

Mr. Mann decided to move forward. His point of view was that the industry was not getting the attention that it deserved within the search community. In 2001 he created the Alternative Investment Practice inside of Dynamics Executive Search. Finally, in 2009, Keith Mann became the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. Working with companies throughout the country, Asia and Europe, his company now has well beyond 200 clients every year.

Kick Your Feet Up And Let Handy Handle The Dirty Work

Put the screwdriver down and step away from that seemingly impossible DIY home renovation you are utterly failing at completing. Leave the kitchen sink overflowing, the mud splattered on the floor and the pile of towels growing in size next to the washing machine. Instead, waltz over to your computer or mobile phone, and book a qualified professional within sixty seconds for service as early as the next morning through Handy.

With services ranging from cleaning to electrical to plumbing, there is never a shortage of possibilities through Handy’s on-demand and skilled team of professionals. Through rigorous background checks accepting only 3% of applicants, you can rest assured the individual assigned to your task will be thorough and more than adept at tackling any issue thrown their way.

As on-demand services, such as Uber, increase in popularity, the pool of experienced contractors grows. With an average rate of $18 per hour, the incentive to earn good money within a contractor’s desired hours has lured freelance professionals to Handy. In addition, Handy insures its contractors creating a working environment of safety for both clients and employees. Launching in 2012, Handy proved it’s growing empire in the fall of 2015 by acquiring $50 million in funding from well-known investors while similar start-up concepts folded.

Not only is it possible to hire and pay for your services through an online booking, Handy recently introduced a tipping feature that allows its customers to show their gratitude to their professionals from the Handy app. The feature encourages customers to reward Handy’s contractors for their expertise and increases the likelihood customers will tip based on the easy availability in the app.

Currently available in 28 cities, Handy’s plans to expand continue to feed the need-for-service driven economy. With its eyes set on doubling the number of locations Handy is presently offered in, the reality of conveniently hiring services from an app on your cellphone with trust and ease is almost here.

Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign For Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel has worked with Operation Smile for quite some time, and he is happy to open a new crowdfunding on GoFundMe for Operation Smile. Operation Smile reaches out to people who are in need of dental care, and the mobile units go directly to communities that are in need. This article explains the reason behind Dr. Weisfogel’s GoFundMe campaign, the work he does with Operation Smile and his stellar reputation in the dental world.

#1: Avi Works With Operation Smile Around The World

Avi has spent time in many distant parts of the world working with Operation Smile, and he has chosen a career path that allows him time to work with underprivileged people. His work helps people who have never had dental care in their lives, and Operation Smile helps correct major problems that people have spent their lives struggling with. A simple procedure may be all that is needed, and Operation Smile pays for it.

#2: Why Does Avi Believes In Operation Smile?

Avi believes that everyone should have proper dental care. He has worked with people who do not have the chance to go to the dentist, and he knows that there are many people who simply cannot afford to visit his offices. He reaches outside his offices often to help people who are in need, and the services he provides will span a wide range of treatments. He would rather help people who are in grave need than wait for another few hours in his office.

#3: What Does GoFundMe Do?

GoFundMe raises money through a simple webpage that may be shared anywhere at any time. Avi shares his GoFundMe page often, and he uses social media to spread the word about Operation Smile as often as possible. He wants people to know that there are those out there struggling without dental care, and he has gone all over the world with Operation Smile to make the dream of a good smile a reality.

Operation Smile helps people who cannot help themselves, and their charity needs money to gain services from people like Avi Weisfogel. The charity is in need of consistent funding that will pay for all the dentists who join their cause, and the funding that is raised goes directly to help people in need. The GoFundMe page offered by Avi Weisfogel will stay open indefinitely, and the page will continue to raise money for a charity that Dr. Weisfogel believes in so deeply. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his campaign.

Jim Leads The List Of Investors Currently On A Buying Spree

2016 has begun on a high note on the stock exchange. Stocks are showing signs of recovery buoyed by a rising oil price and a recovering market. It is a welcome news given the bearish run the market has had since August. It is a run that exposed the structural strength of the American stock market. A rising stock market buoys the current recovery.’

The S&P closed 2% higher with energy stocks gaining 4.3 %. It is a welcome replacement for the oil market currently in a tough run. The Dow Jones was up 210 points with Apple and Goldman Sachs contributing to the rise. Apple shares went up by 5.3%. American Express fell 12 % but the Nasdaq was up 2.5%. The good performance was attributed to an oil price that went to $ 32.19 a barrel.

A five-day graph of last week shows a mild crash on 20th but a high recovery the following day. But this recovery still shows a substantial loss this year as they are more than 6.5% lower.

The market has also reasoned well to reports that home sales in December rose by 15$.Treasury bonds also rose to 2% earnings last year. The GE and Starbucks also gained small percentages.

High-frequency trading has also made a comeback. It accounted for 49% of last week’s trades. It still pales in comparison to the 61% for last year. It is a field pioneered by James Dondero in 1996 when he introduced Colorized Debt Obligations.

James Dondero has been in the stock market along time. He has 30-year experience in the equities market and has been the CEO of Highlands Capital Management since 1993. It is a firm he founded in 1993 with his business partner Mike Okada.

Jim Dondero is an active investor. This year alone, he has increased investments in the stock market by 0.7%. It is an enormous percentage given he runs a $ 21 billion empires.

James “Jim” Dondero began his forays into the stock world immediately after college. He joined Morgan training institute as a stock analyst. He has grown from there to become a big-time trader in the market.

Jim is a finance and accounting graduate. He was top of his class at the University of Virginia. Jim is also a Certified CMA and accountant.

Jim has worked in American Express, GIC and protective life. He lives in Dallas and is a father of 3.

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Queens of Drama: The Hot New Show You Should Be Watching

We have not seen Girl Power like this since the Spice Girls and this girl power is better than ever. This new hot and steamy series features a plethora of former soap opera stars. The group of women bind together to develop, produce and star in a new television show in hopes of at some point landing a pilot episode deal. This reality series follows the lives of these women both on and off camera. This steamy new show stars Lindsay Harley,Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris and Hunter Tylo with occasionally appearances by Donna Mills. Queens of Drama give an inside look on Crystal Hunt as a person and not as the One Life to Live star she is most commonly known as. Despite the typical drama you see on reality shows Crystal Hunt and cast mates never once take their eyes off of the ultimate goal and that is to star in their own television show’s again or at least create stronger roles for women on television.  Crystal has posted several cool behind the scenes photos on her Instagram too.

Those who are familiar with Hunt know she has been on and off the screens since One Life to Live in 2009. But IMDb also shows that she worked alongside actor Dylan Baker on his debut feature film, 23 Blast. This movie told the true and heartbreaking story of a high school football star who is suddenly stricken with total blindness and must find his way in society despite his obstacles; the film was released October 2014. While filming Queens of Drama she split her time between the reality show and the filming of Magic Mike was released in 2015 starring Channing Tatum,Matt Bomer, Amber Heard, Adam Rodriguez and Joe Maginello. Outside of her acting career Crystal Hunt also produced her first ever feature film which is a horror movie based on true and actual events.  Check out her Facebook fan page for even more information.