Who Does Joseph Bismark Think has the Potential for Success?


I find it hard to believe in everyone I meet. I find it hard to think that everyone has the potential to become a successful individual. There are some people that I see out there in the world who I just don’t think have what it takes to make it, to become successful. There are some people who seem as if they will make it and be successful, and then there are some people who just don’t seem like they have what it takes to make it. Joseph Bismark feels differently than I do, and maybe I should be working on seeing things in the way that he sees them.

In a blog post on We Don’t Love These Hogues, it is said that Joseph Bismark believes that everyone has the opportunity to make it. In that blog post, it is said that Joseph Bismark believes that all individuals have the opportunity to be successful. Joseph Bismark brings spirituality into the way that he lives and the way that he thinks, and that spirituality seems to affect the way that he feels about the world. I find it hard to believe that everyone can be successful, but this man doesn’t feel the same way that I do. This man believes that everyone can succeed, and that everyone should succeed.

Defining Entrepreneurship through Examples


Entrepreneur. This is a word that seems to get thrown around a lot. What exactly is an entrepreneur, and why do they matter? In the most basic sense, an entrepreneur is someone who invests time and or money in a business. This person also makes decisions and perhaps most importantly, has a talent for understanding risks and making decisions that reflect a solid understanding of those risks. 

A successful entrepreneur understands the market, the clients and the workers that are involved with a company or business. An entrepreneur often times invests his or her money in a company in order to stimulate or facilitate growth. This is where risk management comes in. The entrepreneur must have full faith that the funds invested will grow. 

Aside from risking money, an entrepreneur also makes decisions about a company’s 
image, products, and marketing strategies. He or she must be willing to accept responsibility if the strategies are unsuccessful. Accepting responsibility for failure is often cited as a main reason why people shy away from entrepreneurship. Studying other successful entrepreneurs can reveal the inner workings of what it really means to be an entrepreneur.

One such example is Marc Sparks. He is an expert business planner and has led many companies to success. He is working on a book called “They Can’t Eat You” which will delve into his progress from a C+ student to a successful entrepreneur. His company, Timber Creek Capital, is an innovative leader in venture capitalism and provides start-up funds and strategy advice for companies looking to grow. 

Aside from his entrepreneurial leadership and success, Marc Sparks also engages in philanthropic organizations and events. At the Samaritan Inn Marc Sparks works helps provide housing, financial advice and planning, career counseling, job placement as well as health programs. Because entrepreneurship is all about growth, his time with the Samaritan Inn is dedicated to helping people reach their potential through encouragement, advice and planning.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – The Unstoppable Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth was working on his Masters in Landscape Architecture when a college internship landed him smack-dab in the middle of the ski industry, specifically at Steamboat Springs Resort in Colorado. From there, Wirth had nowhere to go but up.

Wirth worked his way through the ranks of Steamboat and its parent companies, holding various marketing and leadership positions, ultimately settling at Squaw Valley Ski Corporation. Having admired Squaw Valley for years, he was recruited by a headhunter in 2010 as their new CEO. 

In a 2010 interview, Wirth stated he was drawn to the “soul of the mountain,” the warmth and friendliness of its residents, and the awe-inspiring scenic views of both the lake and the mountain. Squaw Valley has an incredible lift system, and Wirth also purchased the adjacent village, intent on developing and enhancing the 85 acre combined area.

Wirth has confidence in his passionate team, many of who live on the mountain and view it as a source of personal pride. Supportive of Wirth’s vision, he says his team possesses a “whole lotta try,” and they are eager to get behind new ideas that will push Squaw Valley to its next level of success.

Appointed as the Chair of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board by the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority in July of 2013, Wirth is dedicated to promoting and enhancing travel which is vital to the regional economy. His areas of focus: Colorado, Utah, and Canada.

Just three months later, Wirth almost lost his life in a skydiving accident, crash-landing in a vineyard and severing his right arm. Struggling to survive for over 15 minutes, Wirth used his left hand to apply intense pressure on his blood-spurting artery. To ward off panic while he awaited rescue, Wirth calmed himself by softly singing “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam, later writing a thankful letter to Eddie Vedder (lead-singer) during his recovery.

Previously a strong athlete, Wirth spent 50 days in the hospital and endured 21 surgeries on his right arm. Wirth was back to running by March 2014, intent on competing in the Ironman 70.3 Lake Tahoe Triathlon in September 2014,

When presented with obstacles, Andy Wirth is a force to be reckoned with as evidenced by 25 years of success in the mountain resort industry, as well as overcoming personal challenges.