Is the D.A Tainted by His former Job


District Attorney George Gascon has always been close to the police union. However, a sworn declaration surfaced and to many people the content of that report was surprising. Contrary to what is known about George Gascon the former president of the Police Officers Association Gary Delages declaration has left many confused.


The sworn declaration states that George was an obstructionist and barely cared about the police department. The former union head went further to accuse George Gascon of being racially abusive once when he was drunk. These allegations were put across to a task force that was set to look into allegations of racism and homophobia in the department.


The declaration was backed by Halloran when during an interview. Halloran simply said that the statement did speak for itself, but neither Halloran or Delagnes talked about its details


While the spokesman for the district attorney, Alex Bastian was given a copy of the declaration he did not respond to any of the allegations. He then went ahead to say that Delagnes was not credible but imaginative.


Delagnes decisions to speak up was prompted by comments that were made by Gascon when he told the blue-ribbon panel that the current state of the police was more worrying than when he was chief.


Delagnes and Gascon routinely spoke or met on a weekly basis. Their meetings addressed all the aspects of the police department, and they spoke openly, nothing was withheld.


During the time that George Gascon worked for the department, Delagnes say they solved a lot of discipline issues that involved the police.


George is further accused of not doing much when he worked there and never raised any discipline issue regarding the conduct of the SFPD.


The top command at the time that George Gascon worked there were from the same city. This resulted in them being close and disallowed any objective look into the association. This Delagnes says was all contributed to by the former chief.


The old boys that George Gascon said had formed a network. Delagnes, on the other hand, claims that George promotion were almost always graduates of either Lowell or San Francisco Catholic high school. At one time it is alleged that George Gascon even tried to oppose the appointment of D.A. Greg Suhr in 2011.

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NutriMost Helps Couple to Lose a Combined Weight of 140 lbs. and Effectively Keep It Off

NutriMost is gaining mainstream facebook popularity as a lifestyle solution for losing weight and keeping it off. The technology is helping people lose excess weight quickly and embrace new healthier lifestyle changes. For couple Al Sparaco and Linda Sparaco, their story and journey is impressive. Al lost almost 59 lbs. while his wife Linda lost an impressive 83 lbs. In the process, the two have gained a new lifestyle that has allowed them to remain healthy after their weight loss.
Linda actually became healthier after her weight loss. She was taken off all of her medications for cholesterol, blood pressure and acid reflux. The story of the couple has touched many people and showed the effectiveness of the program. Their transformation is an inspiration to many. The two have been married for 20 years and have four children. They live in Brookfield, CT.

After gaining weight over the years, the two realized that they needed to control their weight gain and eventually lose it. They tried many methods that included dieting and exercise regimes but to no avail. Then one day in 2015, Linda was scrolling online when she saw a NutriMost feature posted by NY Daily News. She talked to Al and they both decided to go for further consultations. They met Dr. Mitch who is passionate about helping all his patients. Today, they have been able to keep off the weight that they lost through a rigorous dieting program.

Many of Dr. Mitch’s clients who have used the Nutrimost weight loss program have been able to lose more than 20 pounds within the initial few days of incorporating the program. Dr. Mitch himself lost over 38 lbs. on the same program. The program is customized for every patient. They are taught how to achieve their targeted weight and maintain it. Nutrimost Connecticut was launched in 2014 and is one of the franchises of the national NutriMost firm.
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How Downtown New Brunswick Has Arisen from Its Lethargies Through The Aspire New Brunswick and Boraie Development LLC

With its latest skyline as well as pictures, does the metropolis have the prospective to turn into New Jersey’s form of Cambridge or even Ann Arbor?- this is as published on NJ Spotlight.

In spite of housing the primary campus of Rutgers University plus working as the Middlesex County seat, New Brunswick used the last decades of the previous century fighting the same kinds of setbacks on, which confronted most of American cities: an increase in immigrant numbers, reduction in assets values, and relative negligence.

However in 1975, Johnson & Johnson made a huge commitment to stay in the town, and that choice renewed investors’ assurance in New Brunswick’s stability as well as potential. Unlike majority of the aging towns, New Brunswick started to recover between early and mid-1980s.

Nevertheless, improvement has been conscientiously slow. Although downtown vaunts its portion of prominent restaurants plus entertainment options, it is still filled with low-rent merchants.

However, Rutgers, New Brunswick Development Corp. (Devco), mayor’s office, as well as influential private organizations are redesigning the residential, commercial plus academic setting of a great part of downtown area. They are building on accomplishments of earlier city-renewal projects; Rutgers’ and Boraie Development increase in countrywide academic as well as athletic standings; millennials’ wish for destinations that are transit-friendly and also conducive for live-work-play life; and sturdy financial incentives. This is where the metropolis is headed:

The Aspire
The privately built, 17-story residential skyscraper complements the metropolis’s still-miniscule collection of prestigious housing, thanks to The Aspire New Brunswick and Boraie Development LLC. Built near a train station that offers direct transport to New York, Aspire rents out at $2,800 every month for 2-bedroom apartment, which Boraie Development Vice President compares to several very stylish residential houses in Manhattan.

Boraie Development announces that the letting office that opens at month-end for leases starting this spring, has experienced an awesome reaction from a large percent of prospective renters who acknowledge the significance of a ‘cool design’ , an open kitchen plus living room, green roof alongside rooftop patio plus garden, a full-time doorman, onsite car park, and fitness plus yoga center.

College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative
This is being termed as the biggest development scheme in Rutgers’s history, Rutgers alongside Devco is setting up a 10- Acre, $ 300 million plaza for the University.

The Hub at New Brunswick Station
Devco is currently unveiling a new phase of Transit Village Initiative, a scheme on 4 acres dubbed ‘The Hub at New Brunswick Station’, from corner to corner of Albany Street on Describing it as “real city center project,” Devco president Chris Paladino anticipates the 1.7 million Sq. foot complex to contain 500-600 residential units, plus office and study space as well as ground-level retail. 

Oil Producing Nations Fail to Reach Agreement

In mid-April, 18 oil-producing countries met with the goal of agreeing to freeze production so the price of oil would stabilize and, eventually, go back up. However, the countries failed to reach this agreement, according to an article in The Barbado Advocate.
The meeting was held mainly at the behest of Russia, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, and took place in Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

The countries attending the conference together produce about 50 percent of the world’s output of crude oil. Some of them also belong to OPEC, but others do not.

The failure to reach agreement is a blow to the economy of Venezuela according to expert David Osio. The price of oil has been in a steep decline since mid-2014. Venezuela is experiencing steep inflation rates and the shortage of many essential goods including food and electricity. The national oil company is not paying its bills, leading to the withdrawal of oil services company. This affects Venezuela’s physical plant and infrastructure, limiting its ability to produce and therefore sell oil at any price.

Osio thinks that the failure of the meeting is attributed by a last-minute change of policy by Saudi Arabia. According to Venezuela, that was caused by pressure from the United States. Others attribute it to its rivalry with Iran. Iran refuses to limit its oil production because it just recently was released from the international oil embargo against it.

With oil exporting countries failing to agree to limit production, that is strong pressure to further lower the price of energy.

The Role of Terry Jones as Institutional Products President at Highland Capital Management

Terrence “Terry″ Jones is no stranger to Highland Capital Management and co-founder and president, James Dondero. In January 2014, Business Wire released news that Highland Capital named Mr. Jones as a Board Director for Highland Funds and the NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund, affiliates of the hedge fund managing firm. Mr. Jones joined Highland Funds and NexPoint with thirty years of experience in the financial industry. Approximately nine months later, Highland Capital Management, LLC in Dallas, Texas appointed Terry as the president of institutional Products. His new position will entail endeavors and strategies to enhance adjusted risk performance and implement solutions for their investors.

James Dondero and Terry Jones developed a business relationship in 2013 while they worked on Highland Funds and NexPoint. Jones will serve on the Highland Funds Board indefinitely. His term on the Board for NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund is for three years. Dondero is the President of NexPoint Real Estate Advisors and its affiliates, Highland Capital Management, NexBank, and NexPoint Residential Trust.

The announcement of Terry Jones appointment as president of Institutional Products was released to PR Newswire in October 2015. Before Mr. Jones joined Highland Capital, NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund, and Highland Funds, he served executive and manager roles at Optimal Investment Services, Battersby Capital Management, Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Strategies, and Goldman Sachs Princeton. He co-founded Battersby Capital in 2006 and served as president until 2008.

Highland Capital Management, LLC was co-founded by James Dondero in the early 1990s. Mr. Dondero and the Highland Capital team are presently managing $20 billion in assets, including its affiliates, NexPoint and Highland Funds. Highland Capital is one of the largest international investment banking firms in the United States. The firm is registered with the United States SEC and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Dondero directs the daily operations of Highland Capital Management and its affiliating funds. In May 2015, he was appointed as the chairman and director of the board for NexPoint Residential Trust. He is confident Terrence Jones will improve their risk performance and solutions, despite the markets complexity. Highland has offices in Texas and New York in the U.S.

Highland Capital and James Dondero have contributed tens of millions of dollars to non-profit organizations. Dondero has donated millions of dollars to organizations in Dallas, including the Ross Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Keith Mann Investing in Education

There are a lot of people who claim to care about education. However, few people put the time and money into education like Keith Mann. Over the past couple of years, he has dedicated his life to helping others in the community around him. Anyone who knows how much he works for education will understand his passion. Although he has done well in business, he uses that success to help others who may attend schools without the proper funding for students to succeed. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who are interested in building schools in developing areas. At the end of the day, the recent announcement from Keith Mann is just one more signal that he is the real deal.

Keith Mann

Over the course of his life, Mann has dedicated himself to helping others. There are a lot of people who are better off today because they have benefited from his investments in their local community. There are a lot of people working to get inner-city schools on equal footing with other schools. From the early part of his career, Keith has always used his success to further the success of others. Instead of simply investing his money, he uses it to benefit other people in his community. This is one of the biggest things that sets him apart from other people in the field. Over the long term, his investments of both time and money have paid off dramatically. There are a lot of people who say that he is one of the most influential people in the New York area when it comes to education.

Passion for Education

There are few people who invest in education like Keith Mann. He has helped thousands of people over the years with investing in various aspects of inner-city education. He firmly believes that a person’s location at birth should not affect their success. There are a lot of kids today who do not understand the ability they have to make a difference in the world. This is one of the most important things for children to understand as they look for role models like Keith Mann.