Sometimes It’s Best To Just Blow The Whistle

Unethical business practices don’t merely affect the business who employs them. There is a ripple effect, or a snowballing escalation. Soon entire communities can bear collateral damage due to a single organization’s misuse of their capital. Consider Enron. Even better: consider the 2008 financial crisis. Both of these events could have been curtailed by the right whistleblower in the right place at the right time.

It’s astonishing what one person can accomplish if they put their mind to it and stick to their guns. A single whistleblower can help the SEC make over a million dollars in recovered monetary sanctions. As a “thank you”, new legislation allows incentives for whistleblowers.

In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was enacted by congress. This act gives whistleblowers between ten and thirty percent of all recoveries that exceed one million dollars. Additional sanction recoveries predicate additional incentives. But the Dodd-Frank act takes it even a step further. Whistleblowers will be protected under this legislation such that the employer against whom they’ve blown the whistle cannot legally recriminate them based on their informing. This means jobs can be retained, incentives acquired, and unethical business curtailed; all with just the blowing of a metaphorical whistle against unjust activity.

The only downside to this act is that it cannot give the whistleblower anonymity. For that, legal representation is definitely a necessity. Thankfully, a gentleman by the name of Jordan A. Thomas leads a team of attorneys over at Labaton Sucharow. Labaton Sucharow is the country’s first Whistleblower Representation Practice. Jordan A. Thomas is the man who is most responsible for the Dodd-Frank legislation. Clients looking to receive the most employment protection and the greatest incentives will find both at Labaton Sucharow. While not all clients wish to remain anonymous, many do; and this is surely the best way of protecting reputation that’s available.

One of the best ways to prevent underhanded activity in high-profile business situations is to have a means of doing the right thing in a way that is protected. If this protection is incentivized as well, and reputation can be maintained, then it is even more fundamental that whistleblowers take the time to do the right thing. Labaton Sucharow has the resources and the information to provide the highest representation and the strongest incentive recovery. It makes sense for those looking to maximize their whistleblowing to work with them.

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Always Working, Never Relaxing

In the world today, we need hard-workers and we need people that are the first in the office and the last to leave. That is Sam Tabar, attorney and capital stagiest, without a shadow of a doubt. Sam has a ton of experience under his belt, having worked for such companies as Bank of America, The SPARX Group, Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, and currently FullCycle Fund. When you have experience like Sam does, it gives you great confidence whenever you walk into a room or handle any situation, especially when it comes to being a lawyer. You have been there, done that, and lived to tell about it. Because of this, nothing is too challenging or too scary for you. You are ready, willing, and able to handle it with flying colors.

His first place of employment was with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP and it didn’t take long before they made him Associate and then he was in capital strategy and business development. I guess you can call him a jack-of-all-trades. Because of this, when he is in the court room, he is uniquely qualified to handle many cases, both big and small. He loves being in the court room, as that is where he feels the most at home and most comfortable.

Sam is also a many of hobbies as shows, such as photography for one. He believes there is beauty all around us, each and every day, and he likes to embrace it, live in it, and take full advantage of it. He realizes he has been given a gift and he doesn’t plan on taking it for granted, that is for sure. Of course, this gift came because of all his hard work, but nonetheless, it is still a gift, and it is a gift that keeps on giving. Because of this, and this might sound cliche, but it is true for Sam, he lives every day to the fullest and with an open mind. He never knows what is around the corner or what the next case will be and that is exciting to him.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @samirtabar.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Making strides in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden had always been destined to become a surgeon, being attracted to the concept as an art form even from an early age. Her teachers at school even recognized her potential, one of her 8th grade class instructors even telling her that she had the hands of a surgeon. Of course, it also helped that she had a great amount of exposure to the medical field through her parents, her father being a dentist and her mother being a surgical nurse. This exposed her to the work ethic and helped her understand what it was like to care for other people in the medical field. If you take all of this and add it up, it’s no wonder that Jennifer Walden is a great plastic surgeon.

Dr. Jennifer Walden went on to create the Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, which is a private plastic surgery practice and ambulatory surgery center based in Austin, Texas, where Jennifer went to university. She proved to be an excellent student at the University of Texas medical branch, graduating as the salutatorian of her class. After graduation and residency at the University of Texas medical branch, she then took on a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital, even staying on for some time after the fellowship was over. Jennifer had decided she liked New York and stayed on to work in the Upper East Side for seven and a half years.

Before returning to her hometown of Austin, Jennifer Walden participated in clinical trials that led to the reintroduction of silicone breast implants. Upon her return to Austin, she opened a private practice in Westlake Hills. Since then, Dr. Jennifer Walden has earned a lot of praise from the media, being named one of the best plastic surgeons in America by the publication American Way. In addition to this prestigious accolade Dr. Jennifer Walden’s practice is held in high regard by many because of her use and development of many advanced technology which is in use at her practice, one of the prominent being Vectra, a 3D imaging technology that visualizes the way a patient will look, even before surgery.


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Minnesota Secretary of State Tours the Redwood Area and Meets with Local Leaders

Secretary of Minnesota State, Steve Simon has promised residents of Redwood area to expect better things. He spoke to community leaders in a meeting that took place at Daktronics in Redwood. Simon’s mission this year has been to tour all the 87 counties he represents. During his tour in Redwood area, Simon highlighted some of the business opportunities his office has to offer and addressed the concerns raised by the local leaders.

Simon’s statements

The main aim of the Minnesota Secretary of the state is to promote business ethics and create more opportunities for the youths. His first step is to gather information on what needs to be done and come up with appropriate business improvement strategies. Simon enjoys meeting with the local leaders and discussing important matters that affects the community.

Redwood Falls faces challenges such as childcare, high unemployment rates, and housing. Daktronics’ Tom Quackenbush applauded the community for its effort in addressing the housing issues. He added that business had significantly improved. Another problem that needs to be addressed is the lack of highly trained individuals to fill the employment opportunities that are created in the housing and corporate industry.

Scott Larson, a resident of Redwood area, criticized the tendency of state government to implement similar policies in different counties. Each county is unique and policies implemented should be tailored address the unique needs. Originally published on Reddit

Simon believes Redwood area’s problems are also common in other communities across the state. He promised the public that his office would dedicate all its resources and efforts to find a permanent solution for the challenge.

Once Again, Minnesota Lynx Travel to the White House

There is a lot of conversation surrounding the upcoming visit by Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to the White House as NBA Champions. The NBA star has already been to the White House a couple of times with the Miami Heat, and he may soon shake hands with President Barack Obama once again, but this time as a Cavalier. How special is that?

For the Minnesota Lynx of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), making the trip to the White House for a ceremony with President Barack Obama will also be very special for the third time. Over the last few years, the Lynx has been a dominating WNBA team, going to the Finals against the Atlanta Dream twice and once against the Indiana Fever. In all three instances, the Lynx came away victorious and earned a trip to the White House.

According to a report by Minnesota Public Radio, President Obama greeted the Lynx on Monday, June 27. It was obvious that the President had brushed up on his Lynx knowledge prior to the ceremony; he commented on the challenging first half of the fifth game of the 2015 WNBA Finals, when star players Lindsay Whalen and Maya Moore were not able to pull off their usual, point-racking performances. In the second half, however, the Lynx reminded fans that they are a team and came away victorious.

President Obama also mentioned that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the WNBA, a professional sports league that has proven very valuable in terms of setting a great example for young girls across the United States.

Crude Oil Jumps on High Inventory Levels


The price of crude oil has been one of the biggest economic stories of 2016. There are a lot of companies enjoying the low cost of oil. However, since February, the price of crude oil has been increasing. In the latest crude oil report, oil inventories were down considerably. This caused the price of crude oil to increase in trading today. Oil has a huge impact on the overall economy.


Norway is a large producer of oil on the world stage. Workers in the country have threatened to strike over current working conditions. This event has also been a big factor in the jump in crude oil. Anytime an oil-producing nation has issues, this causes the price of crude oil to go up. Oil traders will be watching the country closely in the next few weeks. Anyone who is looking for the future price of crude oil should look at Norway.

Oil Prices

As the price of oil goes up, the drilling companies in the United States will start up production again. This should lead to an increase in oil inventories and a decrease in the future price of crude oil. It will be interesting to see this balance over the coming years. As oil drilling technology continues to improve, there are a lot of people who think that the days of $100 oil are behind us. This is a great opportunity for companies across the world to save money on shipping and logistics.

Native American Female is Minnesota’s New Supreme Court Justice

The Land of 10,000 Lakes is unique in many ways, particularly when it comes to its highest court. According to news report by a local CBS affiliate in St. Paul, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton officially appointed Anne McKeig to the State Supreme Court in late June.

At her appointment ceremony, Justice McKeig acknowledged that this was a historic moment not just for Minnesota but also for the United States judiciary. Justice McKeig is not only the first Native American to sit in the Minnesota Supreme Court; her appointment also means that this high court will have a female majority.

Justice McKeig comes from the tiny reservation of Leech Lake in Federal Dam. She studied law at Hamline University and is a member of the White Earth Nation, part of the Ojibwe indigenous tribe.

From her early days as a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, Justice McKeig has focused her practice on family and Native American affairs. As an Assistant County Attorney for Hennepin County, she specialized in cases related to the welfare of indigenous children. She would later be appointed to the bench of the Fourth District Judicial Branch.

Minnesota is not the only state with a Supreme Court ruled by a female majority. Washington state has the most female justices, and women make up the majority of the Supreme Court appointees in nine other states. less than 1.5 percent of people living in Minnesota are Native Americans.

Judicial analysts believe that Justice McKeig will bring a welcome liberal and family-oriented style of thinking to the State Supreme Court.

Securus Makes Our Prison Calls Simpler To Make

We have been making phones calls to prisons in our area for a long time because that is how we take care of the people that we are working with. We have been with Securus for a long time because it provides a nice video call experience, and we all have the app on our devices. We’re thankful we discovered this app from PR Newswire. We have been making sure that we make these calls every day to get with our inmates, and we have been rotating with everyone so that everyone gets seen. We want to offer the best information to every inmate, and we need to know that they look great when we talk to them.

Securus wants to help us see all the people that we call, and they have set up the cameras to make sure that we can see. We are going to help a lot of people with our program, and we know that we will be able to see them because we are using the videos to talk all these inmates through the things they need to get better. We want them to be ready for life outside of the prison, and that is what we can offer them when we can check up on them.

We have also made sure that we can work with more prisons because of the way that Securus has everything set up. There are a lot of people who are going to love the fact that they can talk to someone over video, and we can often fill in for people who cannot make it up to visit these people. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to get more help just because we can see them. Everyone who feels cared for does better, and now we can offer that with Securus.

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Minnesota Halloween Events

Andersons Rock Creek Relics Corn Maze
Weekends September 24 through October 16 from Noon to 6:00 PM
Duane Anderson Farm
Rush City, MN

This seventh annual Corn Maze will have hayrides, a Pumpkin Slingshot, barrel train rides, face painting, and other activities.

Pumpkins in the Park
October 8, 2016
Shakopee, MN
$5.00 per child. Adults are free. Pay at the entrance.
All children must be accompanied by an adult.

This is a family-friendly, non-scary Halloween celebration for children age 10 and under who are encouraged to come in costume. They will enjoy a trick or treat trail, a beverage and cookie station, inflatable jumpies, face painting, games and more and also meet the Shakopee Fire Department. Every child will take home a pumpkin.

Mill Town Haunt
October 13 – 15, 2016
October 21 – 22
October 28 – 29
October 31

Rice County Gas and Steam Engine property on Highway 3 south of Dundas, MN

$10 Adults, $7 Youth to age17, age 6 and under free

Mill Town Haunt is a not-for-profit haunted house with proceeds that help build new attractions and aid charities. This event will be held at the . Move through various themes and watch out for what may lurk in the shadows.

Trick or Treat Trail
Saturday, October 29, 2016 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM
Owatonna, MN

Ghosts and Goblins of all ages grab your trick or treat bags and head out to the FREE Third Annual Trick or Treat Trail!

Upcoming Fun Events in Minnesota

Rotary’s Lakefront Music Fest
July 15 and 16, 2016 at 5:00 PM
Lakefront Park – Prior Lake, MN

Beloved country music star and multiple awards winner, Martina McBride, as well as American Idol Runner Up Lauren Alaina, country duo Love and Theft, the O.A.R. rock band, and other bands will be the headliners. Tickets are $30 in advance for both days, $30 per night at the gate, and free for kids up to age 13 with an adult ticket.

Dolly Parton Pure and Simple Tour
Wednesday, July 20, 2016 – 7:30 PM
Grand Casino Hinckley Amphitheater, Hinckley, MN

An internationally renowned beloved superstar with an amazing background of accomplishments over five decades, Dolly Parton is the most honored female country performer of all time and is the owner of Tennessee’s number one tourist attraction Dollywood and the film and television production company Sandollar. Tickets will range from $65.00 to $950.00.

Power Boat Races
July 30 and July 31, 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Serpent Lake at Crosby’s Memorial Park, Cuyuna Lakes

FREE to watch the Twin Cities’ Power Boat Association’s championship powerboat races where some boats will top speeds of more than 100 miles per hour! Cheer on the competing professional race teams as they pursue a Championship Title.

The Brandon Family Fun Fair will be held from Noon to 3:00 PM at the Serpent Lake baseball field with a bounce house, a dunk tank, carnival games with prizes, refreshments, and diabetes education.